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It’s a Jungle Out There – Ron Snell

“It’s a Jungle Out There”, the first book in the Rani Adventures Series, is a barrel of laughs and hilarity that I would recommend to anyone! It is the tale of Ron ‘Rani’ Snell, who grew up in the jungle and is a true ‘foreigner’ when he returns to the United States.

Ron uses funny vocabulary and sentences to fill out the book and leaves you in stitches. The beginning part of the book is funny because reminisces things from the point of view of a four-year old. From then on, Ron continues to narrate the family’s first eight years or so in Peru.

The book closes with his hilarious story of traveling to Lima in a broken-down old car. By then Ron is eleven years old, and his family closes out their time with getting rid of a car that should have been gotten rid of long ago (After they had taken a several day trip in the car, however).

All in all, this is a very funny book, and you really have to read it yourself to appreciate it.

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