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C.S. Lewis - Janet and Geoff Benge

C.S. Lewis was a boy whose mother died when he was a young boy and then he went through a series of boarding schools, some good some bad. Later when he was a university professor he wrote undoubtedly his most famous series, The Chronicles of Narnia which were a great success.

All throughout the book, there is very inaccurate information that I know for a fact is not in the least bit true. Most of the events, such as his experiences in war were accurate, but later on in his life the authors state that Lewis wrote the Chronicles of Narnia series and later realized how many parallels weaseled their way into the books. Not just this but also other details are way off the mark.

Even though a lot of the info was inaccurate, the overall overview of his life was good. It accurately
describes his growing up, his life as an adult, and his later years. If you are looking for a good source on the background of his life, than I would recommend this book as a good one for that, but not for his beliefs and what he stood for.
As I said before, I realized that some of the information in this book was not very accurate. I loved other books by Janet and Geoff, but this one definitely had it's downfalls. Just don't accept everything in this book as true.

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  1. C.S. Lewis Greatly impacted how theologians of the day thought. His literature and words still encourage Christians as they continue their walk with Jesus Christ. He was very Godly, and is still one of my favorite authors.


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