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I borrowed two O. Henry books from some friends and I was instantly hooked. I had read about three stories before reading these books, and afterward had read about fifty to one hundred. O. Henry is a very talented author. That much must be said right now at the beginning. If you measure his talent in length, than he is very untalented...but that is not the case. He manages to pack in more plot to a five page story than some authors can put into a two hundred page novel.

His stories’ strong point, I think, is in the twists and unexpected inclusions that totally startle you and make you read the ending and then do a double-take, thinking, “Wait, that’s how he made it end? Strange, yet awesome.”

The only problem I’d have with O. Henry’s stories is that he tosses around thievery and crime lightly, crooks often being the main characters of his stories.

Problems People Might Have with This (ese) Book (s):
- Crime is almost regarded lightly, yet in a humorous light.
- Many of Henry’s stories deal with romantic relationships
- There is violence in some stories, including shooting.
- Though not written in the books (it has the first and last letters), bad words are included.

It is kind of hard to write a review about two books, but then again, it is hard to write a review on short stories! So, I did my best and I hope you will take my encouragement and read some O. Henry soon!

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  1. I have never really liked short stories, mostly because I like how involved I can get in a story when it is long enough for me to really get to the know the characters and their world. However, I have always considered o'henry an exception to the rule. His stories always impressed me, in spite of the worldliness of many of them. An excellent writer, in my opinion.


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