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Ride the River - Louis L'amour

So far I have read two Louis L’amour books: The Walking Drum and Ride the River. Though I liked the Walking Drum quite a bit better, I still appreciated Ride the River, too. Though, after reading only those two, I can’t see why L’amour is classified as a ‘Westerns’ writer when the Walking Drum takes place in Central Asia and Ride the River largely in Philadelphia and Tenessee.

Ride the River was definitely action-packed enough, however. It was not lacking for any action and it was very well thought out. The basic plot is that a sixteen year old Sackett girl, Echo has to go to Philadelphia and claim 3000 dollars and an emerald as her inheritance. The main action occurs, however, when she has to bring the money back to her home in Tennessee.

I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading more L’amour work in the future.

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