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The Glory of Christ - R.C. Sproul

This book took me a long time to read because I've been busy with various things, but that just meant that I got to enjoy it for longer. It was an amazing read and really draws the reader's attention to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a welcome reminder in this busy world where we sometimes forget what is truly important.

R.C. Sproul covers fifteen specific topics in the Bible where Jesus is glorified. He covers his Glory in the Fields, in His Childhood, in His time in the wilderness, His glory on the cross, His glory in the Resurrection, in the Departure, in the Return, and others as well. The best chapters, in my opinion, and the most important, are the ones about Jesus' temptation in the desert, and the chapters about his death and resurrection.

Chapter 13-15 are the ones that I will summarize in this review because they are the ones that resonated and will give you just a sample of what's coming in the book. Mr. Sproul points to the cross as tragic and victorious. Tragic because of the great suffering of Christ, yet glorious because he was taking upon himself our sins! And death could not hold him!

This brings him to the resurrection, where he gives us new life in him. Jesus Christ could not be held by death! He rose and the promise God made was completed. Throughout both of these chapters, R.C. Sproul emphasizes the blamelessness of Christ, pointing out the various comments of different leaders that were made on this subject, not even realizing the truth of these statements!

I am an imperfect reviewer, and the paragraphs above are just a small sample of what Mr. Sproul covers in his book "The Glory of Christ". Mr. Sproul is a Christ-centered man whose book brings our attention back to the Glory of Christ. Highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks, Uriah. I'll check it out.

  2. This is definitely a really good book and redefines our focus in an often busy world.

    In Him,


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