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The Space Trilogy - C. S. Lewis

As always with C. S. Lewis, I was impressed with the books in this series. I love how he puts all the details into the story to make the books seem as if they could have happened. How 'of course' aliens of another planet don't look like humans and don't speak English (or any other earthly language). How another planets like Mars or Venus would look on the surface if it was possible to live there.

The series is about a man named Ransom who travels to different planets and who is used by Maleldil to further Maleldil's goals of protecting what He had made from The Bent One.

Problems people might have with the series:
Nudity- In 'Perelandra' (the second book) there had been no fall on Perelandra (the planet) so there was no sin and no need to wear clothes
Language- There are a bunch of swear words in these books (especially the last book) which sometimes has multiple swear words on one page.
I enjoyed reading these books and would rate them as a whole a 3.5 out of 5.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading these books as well, Matthew. C.S. Lewis really was a good writer. Have you read the Great Divorce? It's not as well known as his other books but it is definitely a good book.


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