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Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk? - Phil Callaway

This book is a very interesting book to read. Rather than following the typical outline of a book Who Put the Skunk in the Trunk? follows a very informal look, evidenced by the cover of the book and the chapter headings. The book is basically a collection of stories about laughing when the times are tough.

Like I wrote, the book is very, very informal. It's basically just a collection of stories from different people about how they've handled hard times. But the thing that especially stood out to me in the book is not only did Mr. Callaway make the book funny, by including quotes and stories, but he also made it good by adding Bible verses. Humor is great (that's a message in the book!) but when it comes to getting through hard times the Bible should be a constant companion, and I'm glad he included passages from the Bible throughout his writing.

There was just one thing about the book; I didn't feel like he really wrote much. Probably half of the book is just stories and stuff about other people. I felt like I was waiting the entire time for him to finally get to the meaty part of the book. But he does provide some commentary on the stories in the book, as its redeeming feature.

I'm not sure what I think of the book. I thought it was good for what it shared, but I also thought that it never really gave me answers to the questions it brought up in my head. The biggest encouragement I got from the book was the Bible passages that the author shared. Just as one final thought: the author said that on average children laugh about two hundred times a year; adults far less. Well, this book certainly contributed to bringing my average higher towards the child end...many of the stories inside it made me laugh.

All in all, I found the book a very inspiring read and certainly got me thinking about some of the stories shared between its covers. And Phil Callaway does show you a way to laugh when life stinks. I just wish it had a bit more real writing in it. I wouldn't recommend it for a serious read, but it is good to read about people who have weathered the storm and made it through hard times.

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  1. That book does sound like it would be a good read for anyone to sit down and get a good laugh.


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