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Mystery of the Silver Coins - Lois Walfrid Johnson

The plot deepens in this sequel to Raider’s from the Sea, as our spunky Bree commits a daring deed… Escape! She has been captured by Vikings and is determined to elude her fate as a slave. Not only has Bree done the unthinkable and defied Mikkel, but our Viking Prince believes she has stolen his silver coins, a crime punishable by death.

As Bree and young Lil, another captive, escape, they soon battle hunger and the elements of a strange land as they try to maketheir way to a trading village where they can find safe passage back to Ireland. Bree struggles to hold on to her courage and battles her resentment and anger for her situation. She soon learns that Mikkel has prayed not only to his god’s, but also to her’s to help him find her. How could God help him, and why? Didn't God want them to escape? In the end we learn the lesson that God’s will and plans are often different than our own.

While Bree undergoes her own trials, Mikkel is facing battles as a young man in leadership. There is conflict between he and his men and Mikkel must learn to trust, if he is to succeed in a man’s world. We also begin to see a chip in this proud young man’s armor. Did he do the right thing in leading the raid that enslaved Bree and her countrymen?

The story of Devin’s journey continues as well. We see him struggling to return home before he begins the fight of finding his sister and returning her to their family. Devin struggles with an inward battle of hate and bitter anger as he dwells upon the Vikings who ripped his family apart. He nurses his hate until
Bree struggles with God’s will and plans for her life and forgiving the people, Mikkel in particular, who have torn her from her home. Devin struggles to forgive and conquer a bitter enemy, and Mikkel begins to wonder unpardonable crimes against his gods. “Is the God of these Irish Christians really more powerful than his own Viking gods?”

This was an excellent continuation of the first story, and the historical details remain very consistent. I look forward to continuing the journey of Bree, Devin, and Mikkel as they learn about God and His plan for their lives.


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