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On Call - David Thompson

On Call is the inspiring story of David Thompson, a missionary doctor in Gabon. Through this book, Mr. Thompson tells of his various experiences and stories that he's accumulated over years of serving in Gabon. It's a great read with a lot of good stories.

Being an autobiography, this book is written in the first person. Through Mr. Thompson's eyes, we see him declare war on the goats, with an air rifle; repair a broken ferry; hike to the dam to restore power; and miraculously find the right piece for a broken down truck. It's impressive to read this book and see how God has guided his actions and his life.

On Call is a great, short little book; you can't go wrong with spending a few hours to read it. In addition to telling a lot about David Thompson, it also provides a great snapshot in to Gabon as a whole, and that nation's culture. On Call is a great book you should read when you get the time.

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