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Do the Right Thing - Mike Huckabee

I don't usually make it a habit to read books on politics. Personally, I'm tired of hearing about Democrats and Republicans. The only reason I picked up Do the Right Thing, by Mike Huckabee, is because I knew he had run for president, and he was a Christian. I didn't start the book with a very optimistic mind either - but my perspective soon changed.

This is not an ordinary book on politics. This is a simple, clear look at Mike Huckabee's beliefs and goals; simple things he believes need changing in the United States. The subtitle reads, "Inside the Movement that's bringing common sense back to America." The farthest thing from my mind while I was reading was that the author was trying to push his beliefs on me, or ensure that he was elected to president. Instead, he talked theoretically, about things that needed to be done to improve the political situation in America.

His emphasis rested on vertical politics. Vertical politics make the country go up and down, Huckabee claims. He writes that the United States has become too focused on horizontal politics: Democrats vs. Republicans. Instead, politicians need to work together to solve the problems of Americans. After all, in most American's eyes, a politician isn't great if he is Democrat or Republican; he's great depending on what he accomplishes while in office.

Mike Huckabee's ideas are revolutionary. One of the most prominent is rethinking the tax system; something most, if not all Americans would be in favor of. His call was to make April 15th just another sunny spring day. His idea to replace it is called the FairTax - Huckabee didn't come up with this idea, but he is one of it's most ardent supporters. The FairTax wouldn't tax income or property or business. Instead, there would be a tax on the items bought and sold. Thus, taxes would be apportioned by the amount of goods one consumes.

Huckabee also analyzes many other parts of American society and his solutions to them, throughout the course of his book. A large portion is also dedicated to talking about the Huckabee '08 campaign. It was the lowest funded of all presidential campaigns, yet it managed to be the last one standing after John McCain in the Republican arena. Listening to the stories of everyday people along the road who donated to the campaign is a great look in to average Americans, who supported Huckabee with a lot of effort.

Probably the most enjoyable part of this book wasn't the politics. Sure, all of that stuff sounds great, but ultimately I was more interested in hearing about Mike Huckabee's connections and interactions with people - the average people of America. His frugality on the campaign alone speaks volumes. Mike Huckabee is a people's person; a supporter of the people. One of his most ardent campaigners was a truck driver. Another, his daughter. Though the book is likely biased (Mike Huckabee wrote it himself), I felt that these stories, and the support by average Americans, spoke the most about Huckbaee himself.

If you read one book on politics, I recommend this one. Do the Right thing is a simple, clear, and honest volume. It tells the story of the 2008 campaign and it tells what Mike Huckabee thinks this nation needs. I highly recommend that you check this out from your local library and give it a read.

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  1. Found you on Blog of Note -- and glad I did. Appreciated this review. I too am tired of politics and want to hear from someone with some sensible solutions instead of political posturing. Thanks! I'll try this one. Met Huckabee in an airport once; he stopped to have a conversation about football without looking over my shoulder to see if someone more important was nearby!

  2. We're glad you did too. We appreciate every reader that is brought to our site.

    That's cool that you met him.

  3. AND, he plays bass guitar! Can't beat that!

    Most political books (well, most politicians, really) sound reasonable and practical because they address false arguments with sweeping, non-divisive statements.

    For instance:

    1. Work for the good of all Americans.

    Who's against that? Who says "I plan on working for SOME Americans." No one.

    2. We need to work together.

    Does anyone say "I think it would be best to not compromise or work together."??

    3. Support average, working-class Americans.

    No one ever seems to define this phrase, except it probably applies to you if they need your vote.

    4-7 My proposal [creates jobs, grows the economy, helps the middle class, supports our military] so you should support it.

    As if any competing ideas are for losing jobs, shrinking America's power/influence, or hurting the middle class?

    Know what I mean? Crazy.

    For instance, this union/governor situation in Wisconsin (and spreading). The Governor is proposing something that the assembly democrats and unions are against, and the democrats are so against it that they left town to prevent a vote.

    I've read dozens of posts about this, heard radio reports, and have seen coverage on the news. You know what I haven't seen much of? Any specifics of what is in the bill, what alternatives have been considered, what the structure currently looks like now, etc. Everyone just focuses on the rhetoric of each side.


    Okay, wow, I just went on a political rant. I literally never do that. Weird. Mostly I write ridiculous blog posts and draw pictures.

    Oh, and once I killed a rattlesnake. With a shovel.

    Great reviews on this site!


  4. I have to say he seems like a nice guy, I don't know if he's as personable as you say. I guess it depends on the scenario of how you meet a person. I digress, I didn't get a chance to ask him about his new book due to lack of finances but this one was excellent. You can see the pictures I got from his book signing, they are thoroughly lousy but that's life and no, I don't do book reviews :)


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