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Heart of Courage - Lois Walfrid Johnson

Heart of Courage is the fourth installment of the Viking Quest adventures. We continue on our journey with Briana, an Irish teenager enslaved by the Vikings, her brother Devin who continues to try to free his beloved sister, and Mikkel, the Viking Prince who stands in their way as he undergoes his own journey of self discovery.

Devin and Briana O'Toole are faced with the biggest decision of their lives as Mikkel offers them a deal. In exchange for Bree's freedom, Mikkel wants the two siblings to journey with him and his crew on the new Viking ship Conquest. Joining them will be the great Viking explorer Leif Erikson. There plans? To travel from Norway to Iceland, Greenland, and beyond. However, Bree and Devin both wonder if Mikkel can be trusted. His word has proven void in the past. Bree questions whether the hardships will be worth it in the end.

As the journey is underway the siblings soon realize someone is trying to harm Mikkel and thwart his plans, endangering everyone's lives. Along this journey the Irish siblings will learn a startling truth. They do care what happens to this young ruler, and it is up to them to help his succeed.

In this book we see Bree age and mature. She decides to come along side Mikkel in order to procure her freedom, despite resentment at being seen as Mikkel’s good luck charm. She has learned by this point that God always has a plan, even if she can’t see it. So Bree continues to learn to trust God and lean on Him. Even when that means looking back over 4 long years of servitude, torn from her family and home. Will Bree be the ultimate tool the Lord uses to draw Mikkel to him?

We continue to see Mikkel battling his pride as the young captain of the Conquest is full of ambition. Mikkel has always craved wealth and fame. Now he has the chance to attain it. However, this voyage will demand all of Mikkel’s courage to lead his men on such a perilous journey. In the mean time, Mikkel struggles to regain his lost honor. Questions plague him as he begins to understand he can still be a man while trusting in Bree's God. But the largest battle Mikkel is fighting is what will he do at the end of their journey? He must either keep or break his promise to release Bree.

Devin continues his struggle to free his sister and will do anything to free her and protect her from harm. But Devin slowly begins to wonder, does he really need to protect Bree from Mikkel?

Come ride the waves of this wonderful adventure of faith, friendship, and love.


  1. it is really good and interesting book! Advise everybody to read it!

  2. Ah, a fellow Viking quest lover. I plan on finishing out the series on here, so stay tuned!


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