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Book Giveaway Winner

I hope you all enjoyed the giveaway! Well, today is August first, and that means that the giveaway has drawn to a close. We had a good amount of our readers entering, and I think I saw some new faces as well. Welcome! Glad you came, and glad you entered!

In case you missed the original post here, the giveaway was a Christian Fantasy novel entitled ‘The Swords of the Six’. The book is the first in a series by Scott Appelton. On the website we also have a review of the book and an interview with the author. I enjoyed reading the book, and if you get the chance I hope you do too.

Have a nice day!

What? Why are you looking at me like that? Did I forget something?

Oh, right, the winner. How could I forget?

The winner for this giveaway is Sharon of He Knows my Name! Congratulations, Sharon! You have just won yourself a book! Please contact us before Monday, August 8th to claim your prize. If we are not contacted before then, you will forfeit your prize and a new winner will be selected.

And if you didn’t win, don’t be discouraged! Into the Book will be having more giveaways in the future, so hang in there, and keep reading.

Caleb for the ITB team


  1. *cries and snuffles *

    Congrats, Sharon. :)

  2. Sharon, can you use our contact forum ( to give us your mailing address? Thank you!

  3. I used the contact form last week, and it appears that you didn't receive the message. I just tried again and I want to double check and make sure you got it today. :) Thank you again! Me and my teenage boys are looking forward to reading the book!


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