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The Call - Michael Grant

The Call, by Michael Grant, is the excellent opener to Grant's new series, The Magnificent Twelve. Though it's written for twelve-year-olds, anyone will be able to enjoy Grant's distinctive humor and flair in this hilarious novel. It centers around David MacAvoy, or Mack -- an unlikely hero whose main talent involves possessing over thirty unique phobias.

Mack has a particularly dangerous hobby: aggravating bullies. But after he saves Stefan, the school bully, from death twice, Stefan takes him under his wing. This happens just before Mack is carried into a very dangerous task: saving the world: literally.

Long ago, the Magnificent Twelve put the Pale Queen into captivity for as long as they could think of: three thousand years. Now, with Grimluk the only surviving member of the original twelve, Mack needs to reassemble a team of twelve-year-olds and save the world from the Pale Queen's wrath, for she awakes in thirty-seven days. His first contact? A girl named Jarrah in Australia. Stefan and Mack set out, but they're stopped by Eriskigal, the Pale Queen's daughter. 

This book is a quick read but very delightful. Splashes of humor and references which will date the book in ten years are, nonetheless, hilarious now. Frequent wit and jabs are scattered throughout the book, and the plot makes you want to keep reading until you fall out of your seat. In short, the book is a great short read for just about anyone looking for some laughs and action, particularly middle-school age kids. I will probably be seeking out the second book when it comes out in a few days.

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