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Though None Go With Me – Jerry B. Jenkins

I was surprised when I was told that Jerry B. Jenkins had written a book that wasn’t about end times. The only books of his that I had previously seen were the Left Behind series and books like them. Although I watched the movie first, I made sure to get the book from the library soon after.
I was a bit skeptical after watching the movie, because it didn’t seem as good as hearing the storyline made me think it would be. Thankfully, the book was better, as always.
Though None Go With Me is about a woman named Elizabeth LeRoy, who surrendered her life to God as a young teen. She struggles with trusting God at times, as everyone she loves dies, and questions why God would allow her life to be so hard after she has given her life to Him. Despite everything that happens, she continues to make her life “an experiment in obedience”.

If you can learn anything from fiction, I think it could really show how life isn’t always cheerful when you give God control, but that He is faithful and does have a plan. However, though the story was sad, I didn’t sympathize with the characters as much as I would like. It was like hearing of a stranger far away instead of someone you know personally. The writing style itself did not draw me in too much.
Overall, though not a favorite, it was a good book. I typically read fiction that is slightly less realistic, but I would still recommend the book to someone looking for something new to read.

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  1. I've not watched the movie because I want to read this first.


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