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Sneak - Evan Angler

Considering that book one, Swipe, was less gripping, I enjoyed Sneak a great deal more. Catching the reader back into the story took a bit of time (about 50 pages or so), but it speeds up again quickly. The plot was thought-out and executed extremely well. True to his name, Angler did wonderfully in delaying the introduction of Biblical text and warnings, drawing in and hooking many readers in book one to consider what it says about the future in book two. The line of events leading to book three is very real, very believable. It's quite frightening, really.

The characters were much better this time around, in my opinion. Angler did well in stressing the real-life consequences of what each had done earlier, not just their good intentions. They each experience growth in trust, caution, and a grasp of what they are up against. The way it's heading, the ending of this series is promises to be a cunning match.

This book was provided free by Thomas Nelson, in conjunction with Team Novel Teen. I was not required to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed are my own.

Noah Arsenault has been a reviewer since the summer of 2012. He's been reading since an early age, and enjoys speculative fiction and suspense reads, particularly Frank Peretti, Kerry Nietz, and Travis Thrasher.


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