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Memory's Door - James L Rubart

Not recommended
After reading the first novel to this series, I was immediately interested in reading Memory's Door. Speculative fiction, unusual circumstances, and the like are often favorite reads. These strange events happened on two levels. One: extending the main theme of the novels, and the second: providing a bit of variety with alternate realities. To be fair, the second didn't extend far enough to have much variety, but instead accomplished the same goal as the main theme: restoration. (restoration and a deeper relationship with the Spirit was the theme in the first novel, and likely will be for the series as a whole)

Partly because of this, I feel as if I'd read Soul's Gate over again. Another reason is that the characters don't seem to have progressed far beyond their state at the end of the first novel. Most problems were both introduced and remedied in this book alone. The cast had a developed base, but didn't register easily this time.

There were a few scenes where the suspense was fairly heavy, and I didn't expect much suspense in Memory's Door, so props to Rubart for that.

Overall, I didn't find much that hadn't been explored in the first book, apart from the suspense. Here's hoping that this was largely an interim novel, and that the next shows us more variety.

~ Noah
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Noah Arsenault has been a reviewer since the summer of 2012. He's been reading since an early age, and enjoys speculative fiction and suspense reads, particularly Frank Peretti, Kerry Nietz, and Travis Thrasher.

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  1. Hey noah,
    i read couple of your reviews. could you please further elaborate the plotline and about the characters in your upcoming reviews?
    sincere reader


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