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Books Giveaway: Merlin's Blade and Merlin's Shadow!

Hi everybody!
The ItB book giveaways are back! It's been a long time since we've given a lucky reader a book, and that's a shame, because everyone loves books and everyone loves a chance to get free stuff. So, without further ado, tt’s time for a book giveaway!

The Prizes

This is more than just a book giveaway, though — it's a books giveaway, winner-takes-all. We're giving away two books to one lucky reader: Robert Treskillard's latest creations, Merlin's Blade and Merlin's Shadow. We've reviewed these books previously at Into the Book, and really enjoyed them: here are the links to our reviews:

These are really great books, and the winner will end up with two-thirds of the Spiral series, which will be completed in May with the release of Merlin's Nightmare.

Start Your Engines!

The giveaway starts today, Monday the 17th, and runs until Monday the 31st at 10:00PM CST. Here's how to enter to win:

  1. Just leave a comment on this post: Nothing fancy, you don't have to tell us why you deserve the books or why you're a wonderful person (though we don't doubt it!) — this is going to be a random drawing. OR:
  2. Leave a comment on our Facebook page: we'll have a post up for you to comment on.
  3. Tweet or share the link to this post with your friends: Important: this only counts if you include a link to your tweet or Facebook post when you leave a comment. Sharing the post makes you eligible for an extra entry! This option works in addition to the previous two.

The winner will be contacted as soon as we've drawn a random number (really, we're super excited to draw that number, so we'll do it fast!). We'll post the results on the site as well. Also, stay tuned for an exclusive interview with the series author, Robert Treskillard, which will be posted sometime while the contest is running.

A few rules:

  • You may enter on any of these websites (Into the Book, Facebook, and Twitter) to double or even triple your chances of winning! But please do not comment or enter more than once on a single post. Those who enter more than once on a single website will be disqualified.
  • We also need you to have an account (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter) in order for your entry to be valid. We need this to be able to contact you and to validate your entry. No anonymous entries will be accepted. In case you win, we need a way to get in touch with you.
  • Participants must have a valid US postal address (International readers, we feel your pain, we really do, but shipping costs are prohibitive).

Best of success on your chances in the giveaway!
~The ITB Team


  1. Ha! I think I should get bonus points for being the first to comment here! These look like some awesome books by the way (do I get more bonus points for flattery?).

  2. Excited to check out a new fantasy series! And lol Aaron, I think you should.

  3. I am looking forward to reading "Merlin's Shadow". I loved "Merlin's Blade" and can't wait to find out what happens in book two.

  4. Cool! I really enjoyed Merlin's Blade and would love to read Merlin's Shadow!

  5. These books look great. I'm not sure how to prove that I shared this link on Facebook, aside from providing a link to my Facebook profile... Hopefully that works.

  6. Oh, yes please and thank you!
    Angela Ellison-Statz on facebook

  7. I just re-read your reviews, and you can count me in. Thanks!

  8. These look great--I'd love to read them! Thank you!

  9. These books look good. I've read the Into the Book reviews of both.

  10. I've read the first book, and am looking forward to reading the second one. :D

  11. Looks intriguing...

  12. I'm always up for new Arthurian fiction!

  13. Shared on Facebook!

  14. Ah! I've been wanting to Robert's series! :D


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