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2Die4 - Ryan Dobson

This is a great book! I liked reading it a lot, and though I actually liked the sequel better (coming soon) this one was good, too. Firstly, Dobson covers feelings that people get, such as ,"You used to think you knew what made you happy. Now you wonder what you're looking for." After he covers this, he tells you that life could be a wild ride, an adventure that is yours for taking!

Then, he writes that we must have a true longing to live only for Christ! This desire is planted in us by Him! He also talks about persecution for Christ and how we should be willing to die for Him!

Then, Dobson asks if we are ready to put our flesh to death. Die to the world and live for Christ!

Lastly, he says that we need to get into our heads that we could die for Christ every day! It's not a one time commitment that we make when we come to Him, but a continuous commitment that we are living every day of our lives!

I loved this book and recommend it for anyone, whether you know the Lord or not. You can get 2die4 from for only 9.36, as a paperback, brand new! It is 98 pages long, but the actual book is 137 pages long (there is a lot of discussion at the end...)

I have read 2Live4 (that is the sequel to 2Die4) and I will try to have a review up here in one or two days for you to chew on. 2Die4 is a great book, and I recommend it to anyone who has time to read.

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