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About Aubrey Hansen

Aubrey Hansen is a prolific author, editor, and screenwriter. A self-proclaimed Pixar geek, she types energetically from her laptop decorated with Toy Story stickers. Her prose varies widely, from fantasy to sci-fi with a broad range of modern in between. She writes in a multitude of formats, with short scripts being a specialty, and once in awhile can muster up a few lines of poetry.

Her reading tastes are almost as varied as her writing. Frances Hodgson Burnett has been her favorite author since childhood, but it is J.R.R. Tolkien who has inspired her the most. As a detailed editor, she enjoys analyzing every book she reads to shreds. (Don’t get her started on movies.)

When she’s not writing, she’s talking about it. She blogs, tweets, and moderates two writing forums. She loves participating in challenges and group projects and usually has a couple of each going at once. She was part of the production team for two Twitter historical reenactments, once as producer and once as head writer.

Whenever her fingers are not typing on a keyboard or flipping through a book, Aubrey’s usually crafting or cleaning. She’s constantly reorganizing and likes to create with whatever supplies are nearest at hand. Music, especially movie soundtracks and solo piano, is always playing in the background.

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