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Hello there! My name is Noah, and it is my pleasure to write here at Into The Book. I began reading at an early age in homeschooling, and have loved it ever since. I can't remember a time when I wasn't in the middle of a book, or starting a new one. Other interests of mine include, but are not limited to, music (listening, that is), singing (choral work, mostly), graphic design, film, photography, and blogging.

In regard to books, I prefer the fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, and suspense genres. My favorite authors are Frank Peretti, Kerry Nietz, and Travis Thrasher, because they each have amazing writing skill and technique. I have had the pleasure of meeting one in person, and speaking regularly with another, and they are wonderful examples for living in Christ.

When I review a book, I look for many things. In particular, I examine the author's creativity, originality, and depth in the plot and characters, his overall writing skill and experience, and the meaning behind his words.

It is an honor to be included as a reviewer here at Into The Book, and I hope that my reviews will be a blessing and a help to you.

Andrew J. is the founder of Into the Book and keeps the site up and running. He is an avid reader and loves to write as well as read new books. He is a part of the Rebelution movement, a teenage rebellion against low expectations.


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