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About A. Andrew Joyce

Howdy! I'm Andrew, the founder of Into the Book. I'm an avid reader: rarely will you find me apart from some tome which I have poked my nose into. Reading is a huge part of my life, and I've always wanted a way to share my latest reads with my friends and family, and anyone else who'll listen, for that matter. Formerly I had my own blog about reading, but I wanted to get other teens involved. My vision was for a teen-run website filled to overflowing with Christian book reviews.

Well, as you can see, the vision has happened: Into the Book. I'm not a one-trick pony though. Aside from reading, writing is a big hobby of mine. I'm currently writing a fantasy epic set in the world of Enderion, which I hope to eventually publish. I'm also working on building a web design business named Mosaic Web Studios. Those are my main endeavors though I also dabble in various other sundry pursuits.

So! Go have a browse around the website and get your feet wet, enjoy yourself. Everything's better with a good book so go find one off the shelves, curl up in a beanbag chair, and read!


Andrew J. is the founder of Into the Book and keeps the site up and running. He is an avid reader and loves to write as well as read new books. He is a part of the Rebelution movement, a teenage rebellion against low expectations.

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