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Raising Dragons - Bryan Davis

This first book in the series, "Dragons in Our Midst", fascinated me from the beginning to the end. A great plot, fast moving action, and humour make this book one of my favorites.

These are just some of the great characters.

Billy has hot breath - not just any old jalapeno breath, but actual heat. When Billy is caught blowing on a beaker in science class to make it heat up, he gets the label "Dragon Breath" and seems stuck with it.

Bonnie Silver is a new kid at school and she is very mysterious. She is always seen with a backpack that she has on and won't let anyone look inside.

Walter, Billy's best friend, is very funny and provides most of the humor of the book. Professor Hamilton is a eccentric British teacher who just moved from (duh) England. Dr. Whittier is the new, creepy principal at the school Billy, Bonnie, and Walter go to.

When Billy learns he is the son of a dragon he feels abondoned by his father and mother who hadn't told him their secret and can't trust them any more. Bonnie also has her own problems, with people trying to look into her backpack and almost seeing what she calls her "deformity". In a desperate fight on the mountains of West Virginia, with Walter and Professor Hamilton racing to rescue them in time, Bonnie and Billy will have to trust in love and a faith Billy does not know.

I'll say it again, I loved this book. I suggest it to anyone who likes Christian Sci-fi.


  1. You're welcome. I am Uriah the site administrator, and Matthew actually did the review. We both really like your books! We plan to do the whole series, eventually.

    Thanks for the comment!


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