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The Warrior - Francine Rivers

Joshua succeeded Moses as the nation's leader. But it was another man's zeal that pushed the people to put their faith into action--Francine Rivers.
That statement very accurately describes who Rivers describes in the book.

As the second book in a series of 5 novels, The Warrior is about Caleb, one of the 12 spies sent out into Canaan, and how he pushed men to do what is right. The logical conclusion after no Israelite soldiers were killed in the battle against the Amalekites, the manna from heaven, water coming from a rock, and many other miracles would be that the Israelites would see God's grace and eagerly enter the promised land and wipe out God's enemies.

But the people are afraid of the giants that live beyond the border. Therefore, God condemns them and sends them off to wander in the desert for 40 years. In this time, Caleb is a great encouragement to the people and it is through him that God drives the people on.

The Bible does not present nearly as much information about Caleb as Francine Rivers does. She invents much about his life, but with good basis. Why else would God had allowed only Caleb and Joshuah from that generation into the promised land? Caleb was obedient to the Lord, as it says in the Bible, but this book needs to be treated with care as not all of it is taken directly from the Bible.

Overall, even though there is much information that is not from the Bible, as I said before, the book is very positive and encouraging. The book is a good read for people who enjoy historic fiction or stuff based on the Bible. I would definitely recommend it.


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