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Do Hard Things - Alex and Brett Harris

When my friend, Uriah, lent me the book Do Hard Things I was skeptical; but the first two paragraphs piqued my interest. Despite the name of the book--it interested me. [I mean, what would your reaction be to a book with the name Do Hard Things? My reaction was along "the lines of": 'Why would I want to do hard things?'

"Most people don't expect you to understand what we're going to tell you in this book. And even if you understand, they don't expect you to care. And even if you care, they don't expect you to do anything about it. And even if you do something about it, they don't expect it to last. Well, we do."

Do Hard Things starts with how "the big idea" of the rebelution came about, and shows how it was first put into practice. The book explains what things the world has done to tie us down from reaching our full potential. The book teaches us to break the piece of twine that the world has tied around our ankle.

The next chapter in the book tells us of the five kinds of hard choices the book "means" when it mentions " do hard things":
  1. The things that are outside your comfort zone.
  2. The things that are beyond what is expected of you.
  3. The things that are too big to accomplish alone.
  4. The things that don't earn immediate payoff [such as "school"].
  5. The things that challenge the cultural norm.
Throughout the book are stories of teens who had the chance to "do hard things". These teens either chose to accept the chance, and lived to benefit from it; or declined the chance and lived to regret it. This book inspired me and has opened my eyes to things I had yet to consider in my teen years. I highly recommend this book. If it was possible for a 6 on "a scale of 1 to 5" this book would merit a 6!

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  1. I absolutely love this book!!!!
    I was in church today and the youth leader asked who had read it. I was the only one who raised there hand.
    I personally feel like this book is a necessary read for any christian teen.


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