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The Candlestone - Bryan Davis

This sequel to "Raising Dragons" is a good read that I recommend to any reader of Christian Sci-fi. Billy, Bonnie, Walter, and the rest of the characters are back along with some new ones. Dr. Conner who is Bonnie's dad. Ashley is a supergenius teen in charge of a very complex lab Karen is a red-headed orphan taken in by Dr. Conner.

Everything was going great in Bonnie's life. She had great friends in whom she could trust; Devin, and Palin (two guys obsessed with killing Billy and Bonnie) along with the Candlestone (a strange gem that pulls light into itself) have all disappeared; and she is about to be adopted by Walter's family, the Foley's.

Everything was going great . . . until the day before she was going to be adopted, when a specter from her past comes back to haunt her, her dad. Dr. Conner tells Bonnie that her mother, Irene, (whom Bonnie had thought had died) is still alive but in a coma; and that maybe, if Bonnie could come to her mother's side and call her, Irene might come out of the coma. Reluctantly Bonnie decides to leave with her dad to Montana and see her mother. Too late she discovers that her dad has not been straight forward. When Billy, Walter, Billy's Mom, and Professor Hamilton discover that Dr. Conner lied to them they decide to fly to Montana to try to find Bonnie.

Even a dragon heritage and dragon abilities (such as Billy's fire-breathing and Bonnie's wings) will not be enough. Billy will have to learn to fight with the ultimate sword and shield - weapons he can't even see! - before everyone can be safe again. And when faced with the choice of "honor" or "staying alive", Billy's choice could mess everything up!


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