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Loren Cunningham - Janet and Geoff Benge

This book on the founder of YWAM (Youth with a Mission) is interesting and I enjoyed reading it. It recounts Loren's life completely and captures his vision to found a new mission that was youth-based. Loren is an amazing example of how God is able to and uses all of his children for the advancement of his kingdom.

Loren's life started in a Christian home and he had an early start in his faith. He had a band with some of his buddies and he would tour around areas close to the US. The band provided good encouragements to young people all over. After seeing a vision on a Bahamian island of waves of young people reaching the shores of every continent, Loren continued in preaching the need of missionaries in the world.

He had dreams of creating an organization to help his vision come true. Later on, he and his wife set up a small office and raised money to send young people from many churches to far-off unreached countries, the first YWAM office. Loren himself visited every country in the world and touched many lives.

This book is incredible as it reveals the life of Loren and how God used him to send others all over the world to preach the good news. His life is a clear image that God will use anybody that he wants, and that even if that person feels useless, as Loren did many times, God can use him to reach thousands of people and many countries.

This book seemed much more trustworthy and reliable than other books that I have read in this series, and I noticed that some of the sources were interviews with the Cunningham family, and I would definitely recommend it to someone who is feeling useless and discouraged.


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