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The Invisible Man - H.G. Wells

I just finished reading this classic off of my Palm. When we moved, I found out that many of my books (I had only about fifty) couldn’t be taken...I could only take about a dozen or so. So, in despair, I began sorting out ones to leave behind.

But then I remembered a great solution. I have a Palm  Centro and it has a free program that lets me read eBooks on my Palm. I found some good online sites and quickly put about fifty classics on my Palm. I soon finished the real books I brought and now I am starting to read the ones on my Palm. This was one of the first I read.

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells is a typical Wells novel...surreal and a little bit technical and futuristic. They are all set in England, and this one is no exception.

The story tells of an Invisible Man, who roams about the English countryside. He eventually comes to Iping, and causes a lot of trouble there. The book tells about his different doings and thieving until he is shot (even though he is Invisible) and runs away bleeding. His blood is visible, and he runs to a house which turns out to be the house of Kemp, an old college acquaintance of his. He raves to Kemp about starting a reign of Terror in England, led of course by the Invisible Man, himself. Kemp sees the danger and sends a letter to the chief of police, to bring help and apprehend the man, all the while acting like he is going to help The Invisible Man (called Griffin) in his Reign of Terror.

In the end, the Invisible Man is shot, and he dies and becomes visible. From there the story ends.

It is well written like any Wells novel, and is rather short. I got it for free off of and I really enjoyed it. It was well worth the $0.00 I paid for it! I encourage you to read it, because it is really amazing what Wells comes up with. Including the scientific explanation about invisibility, which, though untrue, is written in a great style and puts him on a level with Jules Verne and others like him.

Download The Invisible Man (PDF)

Click on the above link to download this book in PDF format. (Ebook downloads provided by Project Gutenberg and ManyBooks)

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