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Kim - Rudyard Kipling

Kim is another book I got online for free, and it is definitely a classic in my mind. The book is very interesting, about the Great Game period which took place between Russia and England in the struggle to establish buffer states between their two empires.

About this time Russia and England realized that there were no maps for this region in between them, so they sent spies out to collect information about the land. Kim is one of these. He is a small boy that by a strange series of events meets up with a lama, or holy man from Tibet, and becomes his chela, or disciple.

The lama is searching for a river that cleanses all sin and together he and Kim look for it. Kim, however, is also looking for a sign. His father left him some documents in an amulet he wears around his neck. They say that destiny will be fulfilled for Kim when he finds a Red Bull on a green field. Two men will go ahead to prepare the way.

By the end of the book, Kim has found his destiny and is working as an intelligence collector in the Great Game. I won’t tell you how he gets to be that, for that would spoil the story!

The book has several things I don’t like in it (see below), but the historical accuracy, and how well the book is written won me over. It is extremely well-developed and ties in with history well.

Rudyard Kipling, is, without a doubt, a great writer. Kim is the only thing I have read by him but it is enough to convince me! I have written down a reminder to myself to get more of his books! The book is very gripping (I read it all in two days!) and contains many accurate idioms and the like from India.

Download Kim (PDF)

Click on the above link to download this book in PDF format. (Ebook downloads provided by Project Gutenberg and ManyBooks)

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