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Salamandastron - Brian Jacques

Salamandastron, by Brian Jacques, is another book in his Redwall series, and well worth the read. One of the better books he has written, I think, it tells the story of Samkim and Arula, a squirrel and mole friend who must return Martin’s sword to the peaceful Redwall Abbey. Together, Samkim and Arula meet with others, such as Mara the badger maid and Pikkle the hare, escaped from Salamandastron. But when danger attacks Salamandastron in the form of Ferahgo the Assassin and the fever hits Redwall, can the heroes save everyone and their beloved homes?

This book is pretty good, and if you’ve read any other Redwall books, I recommend you read this one as well. I feel that Samkim, the hero in the book, is somewhat underdeveloped compared to some of Jacques’ other books but he isn’t badly developed. I would rate the book about 4.5 stars out of 5.

Problems People Might Have With Salamandastron:
Redwall is an abbey (Mice, squirrels, etc. are monks and nuns, though not overtly)
Some blessings for food, or prayers in the book (not to God, but to Nature)

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