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Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest - Matt Haig

Sorry I haven’t posted many reviews lately, but recently I finished Samuel Blink and the Forbidden Forest and would like to review it.

One day, Samuel finds himself in Norway living with his aunt. His parents died in a car wreck and so he and his sister went to live with their nearest relative. There is a forest near the house and his aunt has strictly told them to stay away from it. Because she has no idea why she was told to stay away from it, Samuels sister Martha ventures in. The remainder of the book, (more than half) is spent in the forest.

There are some negative aspects about the book that I didn’t really like. The book is full of magic, a very key element in the book. This magic isn’t used as an analogy like it is in Narnia, but is unbiblical. Also some mild violence is in the book. There are witches in the book, and there is even a ‘good’ witch who does evil deeds. Also the witches strength comes from a bracelet that brings super strength to whoever is wearing it.

There are several good elements in the book as well. For one it is very well written and creative. Matt Haig is very creative in how he presents the creatures and the creatures themselves are very original. It was a fun read and other kids, mainly preteens would love reading it, and would enjoy every minute of it.


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