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The Time Machine - H.G. Wells

The Time Machine, one of Wells’ better known books, is one I just finished reading in eReader on my Palm (by the way, if you happen to have a Palm, this is available for free on and it captivated me. Wells and Verne, the two masters of science fiction, are very good writers and this book by Wells was no exception. Though the book must be presented as pure fiction, without an ounce of truth in it, Wells does a very good job of making his science fiction seem plausible and realistic and attainable.

The basic story tells of the Time Traveller, who has invented a machine that can travel through time. The entire book is a story he is telling his friends about his experiences in year 800,000. There, he finds that mankind has separated into two distinct groups, a nocturnal, rodent-like creature, and a delicate, semi-intelligent overground dweller. Together these make up the fate of man and the Time Traveller is stuck in mystery about those who ‘come after us’.

Again, just to emphasize, this is FICTION. Personally, though Wells’ idea of a time machine makes a little sense to me, his idea of man in year 800,000 is purely speculative and I do not agree with it.

Overall, I would rate the book around 4 stars out of five, maybe a bit higher if the mood struck me. It is a classic, however, so I recommend it to pretty much anyone above the age of twelve, but, as always, read discerningly!

Download The Time Machine (PDF)

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