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The War of the Worlds - H.G. Wells

Recently I downloaded about one hundred classic, public domain, eBooks onto my Palm handheld and have been rereading several of my favorites (some of them for the first time in an unabridged format). The War of the Worlds is one of these. Though I don’t personally believe in space aliens’ existence as being probable or even possible, because of conflicts with what the Bible says, I still find War of the Worlds a refreshing read. The story, quite simply, constitutes of an account of a man who is faced with the Martian invasion of England, and how he himself survived that invasion. As with many of his books, Wells writes this one in the first person, which is always nice, especially if the author can do it well.

To give you an idea of how well the book is written, when it was performed over the radio in the United States it almost caused a mass panic because of the reality of it all. The radio later needed to issue a ‘retraction’ so to speak saying that this was simply a novel, and not true.

My one qualm with the book is there is no aversion to carnage, but plenty of it is described. Though this helps to make the book more real, Wells probably could have cut down on that a little. The book contains tons of descriptions of this kind, from the death of a man by Martians sucking its blood to the death of humans by the devastating Black Death.

One of the problems I find with most of Wells’ books (Including The War of the Worlds, and the Time Machine) is that in all of his philosophies about man and fate never once does Wells turn to God. He was clearly not a Christian, and I can only think of how his books would have been altered if the main characters had been true Christians depending on God. Granted, it might not have been such a good read, but still. All in all, however, The War of the Worlds is a classic that I highly recommend reading!

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