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About Alisha Hange

First, I am a lover of beautiful things. Poetry, music, fall leaves, sprawling sunsets, soap bubbles and seashells. I love to see beauty in the world around me, because I am a lover of the Creator. I’m an explorer of this great big world He made, and I love to discover the beauty around me.

Secondly, I am a creator of beautiful things. I love to make music and write poetry, because I love to add to the beauty in the world. What better way to bring glory to the Creator than to reflect his creativity and love of beauty? Not only do I love beauty, I love to create beauty.

And thirdly, I love to spread beautiful things. Once I find something beautiful, I want to tell others about it. This is why I joined Into the Book: I want to spread the beauty I see in literature, so that others can experience it. By spreading beauty, I want to inspire in others a love for beauty, and a desire to create.

~ Alisha

Alisha Hange started on ItB in December of 2013. She is studying Elementary Education and hopes to spend her life teaching. She loves children's books, magic, and beauty. She is also a poet.


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