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About Eustacia Tan

Hey(: My name is Eustacia, and I’m from Singapore! I’m the oldest of four children, but I have many more brothers and sisters in Christ.

I’ve always loved reading, and when I was little, I’d get into trouble for reading under my desk at school. As I grew up, I progressed to reading between lessons, on the bus home, while walking, and any other conceivable place and time! You can give me any book, and I’ll probably read it, but my favourite genres (apart from almost all fiction) are apologetics, theology and anything about books. My interests include Piano, Swimming, Golf and now, Kendo.

And thanks be to God who has allowed me to go to Japan for my universities study. Right now, I’m studying the Japanese Language at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, and from 2013, I will be studying Business Administration. I pray that I will be used to introduce Christ to the Japanese people.
Eustacia Tan joined Into the Book in May of 2011. She has always loved reading, but particularly loves fiction, apologetics, and theology. She has a love for God, and hopes to someday go to the Japanese people as a missionary.


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