Into the Book


About Ashley M.

I'm a bookworm, writer, artist, and musician, but first and foremost, I'm a Christian. Like most of the others, I'm a member of the Rebelution. Although I can't be considered a very active member, it's encouraging to know that there are other young Christians who strive to do more and better than what is expected of them. I've been reading since I was 3 years old. There came a time when I couldn't find any new books at the library to read because I had already read all that I could.

I still have trouble finding new books sometimes, even though I'll read all kinds of things; from the Lord of the Rings and Narnia to nonfiction to Ted Dekker to historical fiction and anything else that looks good. For a while most classics bored me, but lately I have been reading those as well. The fun part is that as my interests widen, it means there are even more books for me to devour.

Besides reading, my favorite hobby would have to be music. I play piano and guitar, and want to learn other instruments someday. Like what I read, I'll listen to anything with a clean message, from alternative to country to contemporary Christian to metal.

Through all of my interests, I try to glorify God. I want the things I write and the music I play to bring honour and glory to Him, and the things I read and the music I listen to to draw me closer to Him rather than pull me away.

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