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About Corey P.

I am first and foremost a sinner saved by grace alone, and my chief aim in all of life is to bring honor and glory to my God, working to extend His Kingdom here on earth with every fiber of my being. I’m seventeen, and a lover of books, movies, music, logic, Reformed theology, history, guns, and the great outdoors. And Italian food.

I am also an aspiring writer – or “ink slinger” – and love exploring the endless possibilities of the English language. I’m the type who will sit down and read a grammar book from cover to cover… and enjoy every minute of it. My personal blog is the Ink Slinger, and I run the movie review site Reel Quick. I am also a guest contributor to The Film Dissectors.

I'm greatly honored to be a part of the team here at ITB - it's encouraging to see other likeminded young adults taking on the world of literature from a strong, biblical standpoint.

Corey P. began reviewing books for Into the Book in July of 2011. Corey is first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ, and this affects everything which he does. His favorite reads are history and Reformed Theology.


  1. Hi Corey. I'm a lover of Reformed theology, too. Here are some good sources for (free!) Reformed ebooks that I've found:


    Hope you enjoy!

  2. @Vicki: Hey, those are some of my favorite websites! Glad to see you enjoy them, too! Blessings! :D


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