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About Kaitlyn E.

Finding good books that encourage and edify us is a hard thing in today’s culture, that’s why I’m privileged to be brought on as a Reviewer for Into the Book.

I am a voracious reader and love to exercise our God given dominion over Literature. Funny thing is I wasn’t always that way. As a little girl I loved being read to. I had my parents and grandparents read everything to me! Then I started school, and guess what, they actually wanted me to read for myself!

This simply would not do. I quickly cut my ties to literature and said “Be gone with you!” I never figured on taking the old pastime back up. I mean, I liked being drawn into other worlds where anything could happen, but it just took too much effort to do it myself. Then something happened. I watched an animated version of The Lion, The witch, and the Wardrobe. Wow! At eight years old I was hooked.

Now my mom is a smart woman, and I know she was cooking up a scheme in the back of her mind when she oh so casually mentioned that there was an entire book series about the Chronicles of Narnia. Really?

So my parents ordered the books and when they came in I promptly sat down to read them. My world quickly turned inside out. I went from reading being a form of torture to reading being a source of punishment (as in my parents would ground me from reading). Ever since that moment of reawakening I have been addicted to the written words of great men and women throughout the centuries.

My passion for books spreads beyond the norm and overflows into writing as well. Not only am I beginning the process of publishing the first installment of my Fantasy Trilogy, but I also enjoy writing about my reading experiences. In addition to these interests my hobbies also encompass, although not limited to, art, photography, caving, rock climbing, repelling, and animal husbandry.

I live on a retired farm with my family and Cat Rescue.

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