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Come Thirsty - Max Lucado

This is another book, right up there with the Power of Personal Prayer that HAS to be on my all time favorites list. This book is amazing. You have to read this book. It is sort of hard to describe what Lucado talks about in this, but this inspired me to begin my personal devotions again and start praying more.

The central theme of the book is to satisfy your thirst in Christ, and not just take a sip. Lucado uses water through out the book as an illustration.

You can get the book from Amazon for 10.19, and it is worth the money. This book is awesome! I rate it an easy 5 stars, and would rate it 6 if I could!!! It is 224 pages long (only 155 pages of actual book though, the rest is a study guide) and it is a hardback.

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