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Eye of the Oracle - Bryan Davis

Yesterday I finished reading Oracles of Fire by Bryan Davis. Though I enjoyed Davis' first series, "Dragons in our Midst" I have to say that my opinion of this prequel is quite a bit lower than the first series. This book has Davis' typical flair and style, yet I disagree strongly with some of what was presented.

Firstly, the book basically goes from the time of Noah all the way up to where the final book in "Dragons in our Midst" ended. Unfortunately, Davis sticks Bible stories into the book. Instead of just writing another great book, he adds to the Bible.

The book begins during the time of Noah. As the family of Noah boards the ark, the two dragons going with him board as well. Morgan, Satan's hench-wraith, tries to stop the ark from departing, but fails. Then, she turns into a raven and gets on the ark that way. Also, Ham's wife is another evil figure who has snuck aboard the ark.

After the time of Noah, the book goes through the times of the Tower of Babel. After that, the Bible times are done. My strongest dissagreement towards this book would definitely be the part from the times of Noah. Davis adds extensively to the Bible, and what he has added definitely is not true.

Once he passes by the Tower of Babel into a couple of hundred years later, he moves out of Bible stories and begins developing the setting of the Underworld. Though this is talked about during the first part of the book, it is focused on now. Once the reader gets to this part of the book, it is just like any other Bryan Davis book: well written, interesting plot, and overall a great book.

In short, I loved the Dragons in Our Midst series, but I am going to have to give this book (The first in the new series "Oracles of Fire") a three stars out of five. The tie-in with Bible stories just doesn't cut it and though I have enjoyed Bryan Davis' other books, this one is definitely my least favorite.

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